Walking Trails

Richard Paul Kia‘iikeolamaiola Bettini Gardens and Hā Ola Village

More than 20 years ago, the Health Center began transforming the barren hillside above its clinic buildings from dry brush and rock-strewn land into gardens and trails. Today, these lush gardens include more than 1,000 trees, water features, artwork, spectacular ocean views and 1.5 miles of walking trails with more than two dozen information kiosks.

In 2017, the Health Center established Hā Ola Village, a Hawaiian cultural village that offers staff, community members and guests from around the world the opportunity to participate in guided walks on our trails and traditional Hawaiian cultural practices that inspire and promote wellness. Hā Ola translates to the "Breath of Life" or the "Mana" (life force) that sustains all living things. Created under the guidance of the Health Center's Elders Council and Board of Directors, Hā Ola Village's experiential and interactive cultural activities are aligned with the Health Center's mission to provide cultural training and to promote health and wellness. Email HAOLAVillage@wcchc.com for more information.

We invite you to HELE NO KE OLA | HELE NO KA IKE ("Walk for wellness, walk to learn").

Our trails are filled with beautiful trees and other plants, striking artwork, information kiosks and spectacular ocean views. The Health Center created this beautiful oasis for people in our community and beyond as a place to enjoy the beauty, peace and magic found in Hawaii's natural environment while providing a great place to get and stay fit — and learn a little along the way about Hawaiian culture, our Health Center and more.

Mahalo (thank you) for following our trail rules:
  1. Trails are open daily from sunrise to sunset.
  2. Comfortable, flat-soled shoes are recommended.
  3. Stay on identified trails only.
  4. Children must be accompanied at all times.
  5. For your safety, please do not run on the trails.
  6. Please do not pick any fruit or other plants as they are used by the Health Center.
  7. Commercial activities are NOT allowed on our trails without special advance permission from the Health Center's Hā Ola Village. Email HAOLAVillage@wcchc.com for information.

Trail and Campus Map (click for larger image)

Trail Information
There are more than a dozen trails to enjoy. Read a little about each of them below and enjoy short videos produced by the talented students at Waianae High School's Searider Productions. There are more than two dozen information kiosks along the trails and you can view them here on this page by clicking on the PDFs. Several of the trail descriptions include a link to a live webcam view to provide a virtual experience.

About the Bettini Gardens
Welcome to our Walking Trails

Legacy Trail

Honors our donors, founders and other special friends of the Health Center. Information kiosks share a little about our history beginning in 1972. Two gazebos along the trail house interactive digital screens where you can view a trail map and videos.

Our History 1972 - 2017
Our Model of Care
Our Logo & Mission
How Are We Doing?

Vision Trail

Starting at the Donor's Fountain, the Legacy Trail honors our donors, our founders nd other special friends. Information kiosks share information about our Health Center's goals through 2022 and our special plans to expand and grow as a teaching and learning center that promotes community development.

Our Future Goals (2017 - 2022)
Our Future Path as a Teaching Center
More to See on our Walking Trails

Princess Kawananakoa Trail

Dedicated to Princess Kawānanakoa, who provided financial support for the construction of our Agnes Cope Native Hawaiian Traditional Healing Center that can be seen from the lookout. A nearby kiosk has information on the symbolism of the structure's artwork.

Princess Trail and Lookout

Voyaging Trail

Honors and recognizes voyaging and the traditional non-instrument method of navigation called "wayfinding" that used information in the heavens and other clues in nature to navigate vast distances of open ocean.

Hokulea Voyaging Trail
Voyaging Petroglyph Artwork

Ulu Trail

Includes dozens of ulu (breadfruit) trees along with information kiosks about this amazing fruit. Test the acoustics of the Hale Ulu (formerly known as the Chanter's Hale) by speaking kind words as you stand on the breadfruit imprint on the hale floor.

Ulu in Hawaii
Why Grow Ulu?
A Nutritious and Delicious Food
Ulu in Language & Culture

Fisherman's Lookout

Enjoy this lookout's beautiful artwork honoring ocean life and learn about how in years long past, Puu Mailiili (the small mountain that towers over the main campus) was known as an excellent fisherman's lookout.

Fisherman's Lookout

Aumakua Trail

One must be in good health to enjoy this steep trail and its beautiful view of the Waianae Coast. Beautiful artwork depicting various Aumakua are found along this trail.

Aumakua Trail

Laau Trail

Various traditional healing plants and herbs (laau) are planted along this trail. A kiosk near the trail entrance provides information about nearly two dozen laau.

Laau Trail

Honu Trail

Named after a rock that resembles a honu (turtle), this trail includes petroglyphs crafted by Native Hawaiian artist Kauila Clark that tell the Hawaiian creation story. Enjoy a serene waterfall and pond. Materials and labor for this trail were donated by Texas Roadhouse Restaurants.

Welcome to the Honu Trail
Artwork Along the Honu Trail
Hawaiian Creation Story Part-1
Hawaiian Creation Story Part-2
Learn About the Honu

Ohana Best Practices Garden

garden dedicated to exceptional achievements in our community and across the country to improve health and wellbeing.

Best Practices Garden
Excellence in the Family (WCCHC Facilities)

Rudy's Trail

This trail honors our Facilities Department and its extraordinary groundskeepers, gardeners, welders, carpenters, designers, artists and management team that create and maintain this beautiful oasis. Named for Rudy Guerrero, our current Facilities Department Manager.

Rudy's Trail

Ambrose Pond

Honors Ambrose Duropan, our lead gardener for more than a decade until he retired in early 2017. Ambrose was a master gardener who was also gifted at creating beautiful water features on the trails, so it seemed fitting to create this small pond to honor him.

Bob's Trail

Dedicated to former employee, Bob Adair, who helped us engineer our grounds. A short walk up its stepping stones will reward you with a spectacular ocean view peeking through the trees.